Χειροκροτούσαν όρθιοι για οκτώ λεπτά στην πρεμιέρα του Joker στη Βενετία

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Χειροκροτούσαν όρθιοι για οκτώ λεπτά στην πρεμιέρα του Joker στη Βενετία - Roxx.gr

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Λοιπόν, όπως φαίνεται οι προσδοκίες Μα για την ταινία του Joker θα δικαιωθούν. Η πρεμίερα ελγίνεια το βράδυ του Σαββάτου στο φεστιβάλ της Βενετίας και οι ανταποκρίσεις λένε ότι στο τέλος οι θεατές έκαναν standing ovation που έφτασε τα επτά λεπτα!

Έχουμε όμως και τις πρώτες κριτικές που αποθεώνουν την ερμηνεία του Γιοακίν Φίνιξ και τον βάζουν σίγουρα στην κουβέντα για τα όσκαρ της επόμενης χρονιάς, ενώ και για την ταινία στο σύνολο της τα λόγια είναι πολύ θετικά, με τις συγκρίσεις να αναφέρουν ότι το πρότζεκτ μοιράζεται κοινά στοιχεία στην αισθητική του με το Dark Knight και το Logan.

Η ταινία κάνει πρεμίερα στην Ελλάδα στις 3 Οκτωβρίου και μπορειτέ να διαβάσετε περισσότερες αναλυτικές κριτικές αμέσως μετα (στα αγγλικά).

Mark Hughes (Forbes)
“Joaquin Phoenix gives a tour de force performance, fearless and stunning in its emotional depth and physicality. It’s impossible to talk about this without referencing Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning performance from The Dark Knight, widely considered the definitive live-action portrayal of the Joker, so let’s talk about it. The fact is, everyone is going to be stunned by what Phoenix accomplishes, because it’s what many thought impossible — a portrayal that matches and potentially exceeds that of The Dark Knight’s Clown Prince of Crime.”

Terri White (Empire)
“This could, particularly in the current climate, be viewed as a lament for outsiders and the ignored. That’s too simple and Joker does anything but deliver you easy answers. It’s a sad, chaotic, slow-burn study of someone who isn’t visible; who doesn’t even exist to the world around them. But your empathy, sympathy even, isn’t guaranteed, and it begins to dissolve as Arthur somehow moves even further to the edges. This is, we mustn’t forget, the story of how a villain was made. But what writer/director Todd Phillips and co-writer Scott Silver (8 Mile, The Fighter) have written into life is the Joker as a character. What they and the film is interested in is the mental, moral, emotional, physical make-up of the man who became the Joker. As Arthur/Joker, Joaquin Phoenix is astonishing. Phillips has said he had a picture of the actor above his screen when writing the script and it’s a belief that has paid off. Phoenix inhabits Arthur: having lost weight for the role, he looks thin, frail, hungry. Shadows carve out his exposed bones. His physicality is precise — the way he moves, shuffles, runs, sits, smokes, shrinks. His usual intensity is on full display and it’s captivating, even overwhelming in moments. Comparing him to Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson feels like a nonsense: this is a Joker we’ve never seen — in many respects it isn’t the Joker, it’s Arthur.”

Owen Gleiberman (Variety)
“Many have asked, and with good reason: Do we need another Joker movie? Yet what we do need — badly — are comic-book films that have a verité gravitas, that unfold in the real world, so that there’s something more dramatic at stake than whether the film in question is going to rack up a billion-and-a-half dollars worldwide. Joker manages the nimble feat of telling the Joker’s origin story as if it were unprecedented. We feel a tingle when Bruce Wayne comes into the picture; he’s there less as a force than an omen. And we feel a deeply deranged thrill when Arthur, having come out the other side of his rage, emerges wearing smeary make-up, green hair, an orange vest and a rust-colored suit.”

David Rooney (The Hollywood Reporter)
“The clown prince of crime is alive and mentally unwell in Gotham City in Todd Phillips’ grippingly atmospheric supervillain origin story, Joker. While a never-better Joaquin Phoenix paints on the famed maniacal smile with his own blood at one memorable climactic moment of messianic rebirth, what’s most noteworthy about this gritty entry in the DC canon and the lead actor’s sensational performance is the pathos he brings to a pathetically disenfranchised character — just like countless others in a metropolis in which the social chasm separating the haves from the have-nots has become a pit of incendiary rage…. But this is Phoenix’s film, and he inhabits it with an insanity by turns pitiful and fearsome in an out-there performance that’s no laughing matter. Not to discredit the imaginative vision of the writer-director, his co-scripter and invaluable tech and design teams, but Phoenix is the prime force that makes Joker such a distinctively edgy entry in the Hollywood comics industrial complex.”

Jim Vejvoda (IGN)
“Featuring a riveting, fully realized, and Oscar-worthy performance by Joaquin Phoenix, Joker would work just as well as an engrossing character study without any of its DC Comics trappings; that it just so happens to be a brilliant Batman-universe movie is icing on the Batfan cake. You will likely leave Joker feeling like I did: unsettled and ready to debate the film for years to come.”